How to find your way in and around Groet

Groet is located between Schoorl and Camperduin, sandwiched between polder and the broadest dune area of the Netherlands. There are kilometers of cycling and hiking trails and one of the best mountain biking trails in the Netherlands. The apartments are in the heart of Groet. The beach accesses Hargen and Camperduin are easily reached from the apartments on foot or by bike.

If you want to visit Amsterdam by car, it is best to park the car in a P + R parking lot and park in combination with a public transport ticket to the center. Then you only pay €6 per 24 hours. (Parking rates in Amsterdam center are €7.50/hour!). P+R Amsterdam Noord is the easiest (exit S 116 of the A 10).
A good alternative is to park the car at Alkmaar Noord station (free) and then travel by train to Amsterdam Central station.
Bus to Alkmaar stops in front of the door and you can check in and out with your debit card.

Supermarket and mountainbike/bike rental Masteling Tweewielers: 50 meters.
Restaurants Groet, Bergen, Schoorl and Egmond

Schoorl, Groet and Camperduin lie like a ribbon along the edge of the National Park Schoorlse Duinen. There, the dunes extend over a total area of about 1800 hectares. Typical of the area are varied flora, kilometers of marked hiking and biking paths and three high climbing dunes.
The highest dune
Although there is always talk of the fact that Schoorl has the highest dune, it appears that the Schoorl forester from Staatsbosbeheer with the most modern and ingenious measuring equipment has recently measured that a dune top, just behind the climbing dune of Groet, reaches higher than the dune in Schoorl . With 55.50 meters, Groet has the scoop to own the highest dune in the Netherlands. The highest dune is a few minutes away from the apartments. From the highest top you also have a sneak preview of the sea.

On the east side of Groet is a typical landscape of Dutch polders

Tourist info Schoorl

Camperduin is located at the beginning of the Hondsbossche Zeewering. Close to the Hondsbossche Zeewering is the bird sanctuary de Putten.
In 2015 a miles long stretch of new beach and dune was built between Camperduin and Petten to relieve the pressure on the Hondsbossche Zeewering. At Camperduin a sheltered lagoon has been created on the beach. Together with the life-size pal ship ideal for children.

Wander netwerk Noord-Holland

Schoorlse Duinen visitor center gives a good idea of the diversity of flora and fauna and in the Brasserie Ijgenweis you can enjoy an organic luch.

Or you can look for De Berenkuil

Hiking trails Schoorlse Duinen.

Both the picturesque Bergen and the provincial town Alkmaar are worth a visit while in Groet.

Bergen, with the recommendation of the special architecture of Park Meerwijk and Museum Kranenburg.

Alkmaar with its cheese market on Fridays.



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